Profi Elektrolyte

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heavy sweating in warm weather, hard training sessions or transport, can take its toll on your horse.

At high performance, a horse can lose up to 25 litres of sweat per day. With this sweat loss important nutrient salts, are also lost. These are of great importance to the balance of fluids for your horse. However in giving the correct amount of electrolytes these nutrient stores are quickly replenished.

The advantages at a glance:

- Low dosage
- The ability to perform remains without limitations
- Electrolyte reserves can be built on
- Ideal for use in intensive training phases
- Regulates the water balance

Feeding recommendation

ponies and foals 10 g / day light horses 15 g / day, larger horses 25 g / day. The electrolytes can be dissolved in the drinking water or administered with an oral syringe.

Oikeus muutoksiin pidetään.
glukoosi 56,3 %
natriumkloriidi 30,3 %
kaaliumkloriitti 8,7 %
kalciumkarbonaatti 4,2 %
magneciumoksidi 0,4 %
Chloride 22,60 %
Natrium 11,50 %
Kalium 4,50 %
Kalsium 1,60 %
Magnesium 0,30 %