EMH Cool Müsli

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Our feed for horses in light work or at rest has now been enriched with EMH – Eggersmann Micro Herbs.

EMH is an extract from selected, highly efficient herbs, fermented by micro-organisms, which has already been seen to have positive results in equine nutrition. EMH Cool Muesli is an oat-free, tasty muesli, based on hydro-thermally expanded cereals, which gives your horse or pony all the important nutrients, minerals, vitamins and trace elements that it needs. Thanks to the reduced protein and energy levels, digestion is eased, Eggersmann EMH Cool Muesli is recommended for horses and ponies in light work, or at rest, as a complete feed, or as an addition to cereals. Due to the addition of EMH, the digestive function is actively supported and disencumbered. With continuous use, EMH Cool Muesli can bring harmony to various metabolic processes. So EMH Cool Muesli, with its fine balance of nutrients and ingredients, ensures horses have vitality, but keep a “cool” head.

59,0 g/kg Proteiini
10,0 MJ/kg Energia-arvo

Feeding recommendation

light work ca. 300g per 100 kg body weight and day. By smaller measures we recommended feeding a mineral supplement.

Oikeus muutoksiin pidetään.
piimaaTechnologi 600,00 mg
ohrahiutale 27,7 %
maissi hiutale 22,7 %
kauranlese 17,3 %
sinimailasjauho 8,5 %
melassi 5,1 %
sokeriruokomelassi 4,7 %
kalciumkarbonaatti 3,2 %
natriumkloriidi 2,1 %
maissi 2,1 %
omenankuori 1,2 %
dikalciumfosfaatti 0,9 %
höyrystettyjä uutteita (EMH) 0,6 %
Raakavalkuainen 8,50 %
Raakarasva 2,50 %
Raakakuitu 9,50 %
Tuhka 10,90 %
Kalsium 1,90 %
Fosfori 0,45 %
Natrium 0,80 %
Magnesium 0,20 %
Ernährungsphysiologische Zusatzstoffe
A-vitamiini (3a672a) 22.000,00 I.E.
D3-vitamiini (3a671) 1.500,00 I.E.
E Vitamiini (3a700) 195,00 mg
B1-vitamiini (3a821) 3,00 mg
B2-vitamiini 3,00 mg
B6-vitamiini 2,00 mg
B12-vitamiini 30,00 mcg
Niasiini (B3-vitamiini 3a314) 30,00 mg
Kalsium-D-Pantotenaatti (3a841) 20,00 mg
Foolihappo (3a316) 3,00 mg
Koliinikloridi (3a890) 400,00 mg
Rauta (3b103) (Rauta (II) sulffaatti , monohydraatti) 100,00 mg
Mangaani (3b502) (mangaani(II)oksidi) 130,00 mg
Sinkkioksidi (3b603) 265,00 mg
Kupari (E 4) (kupari(II)sulfaatti. pentahydraatti) 39,00 mg
Seleeni (E 8) (natriumseleeni) 0,80 mg
Jodi (kalsiumjodi, vedetön) (3b202) 2,60 mg
Päällystetty koboltti(II)karbonaatti-rae (3b304) 0,75 mg
Biotiini (3a880) 180,00 mcg