EMH Struktur Equichamp

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Arnstructure rich and nutritionally effective mixture of flakes based on valuablernenergy sources, for breeding, sport and leisure horses.

The special effect of live yeastYeast has been used for thousands of yearsrnin the human nutrition. The probiotic effect is scientifically proven. Inrnparticular, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is, as a source of vitamins of the Brncomplex, of importance. Hardly anyone knows that these yeasts not only containrn20 amino acids, they also, for example, provide elastic and powerful muscles, but also have twelve mass and trace elements. The live yeast Yea-Sacc® 1026 supports the biotic digestion in the caesium and colon. Here nutrients are madernavailable optimally by the increased bacteria which are formed, and thisrnstabilises the pH. These bacteria use the available lactic acid and therebyrnprevent it coming to hyperacidity in the digestive tract. By adding the yeastrnto the feed, the bacteria are also supported, which favour the degrading of thernfibre. Recent studies show that by feeding live yeast the gut flora isrnstimulated, thereby significantly raising the utilisation of essential activerningredients and minerals is Rich in essential fatty acidsrnImportant suppliers of energy, barley and maize flakes, as well as milk thistlernoil have a stimulating effect on the metabolism of the horse, without burdeningrnthe protein household. Sunflower seeds provide structurally bound vegetablernoils, lecithin and secondary plant substances. Struktur Equichamp offers arnmixture of valuable ingredients that with their natural vitamins, minerals andrnunsaturated fatty acids contribute essential substances for maintaining thernhealth of the horse.Relief of the digestive tractrnParticularly good results are achieved even in lean horses. By optimising thernavailability of nutrients due to the yeast, the total ration is nutritionallyrnenhanced. Excessive hard feed rations can be avoided, and the digestive tractrnis doubly unburdened - by the smaller meal volume and by the positive effectsrnof the yeast. The horse gains weight faster and above all does this in a gentlernand controlled way. Many of our customers use Struktur Equichamp also just forrna limited time – in phases such as stress due to training or competition, during the typical colic seasons in the winter months, or as a targetedrnapplication to regenerate the gut to prevent digestive disorders. Feeding overrna period of at least six weeks should be done to give an optimal effect. Arncontinuous use of Struktur Equichamp is especially recommended for horses thatrnare prone to colic. In practice it has been found that nervous horses alsornbenefit from being fed Struktur Equichamp. Satisfied customers report thatrntheir horses are much calmer, and easier and more cool-headed in being handled. We attribute this to the improved availability of the nutrients due to the livernyeast in the diet.Optimal balancernStruktur Equichamp finely tuned with vitamins, minerals and trace elements sornthat the daily ration is completely fully balanced with the feeding of 1 kg perrnday.

48,4 g/kg Proteiini
11,6 MJ/kg Energia-arvo

Feeding recommendation

light to medium work 200 - 400g per 100 kg body weight and day. By smaller measures we recommended feeding a mineral supplement.

Oikeus muutoksiin pidetään.
ohrahiutale 20,0 %
maissi hiutale 16,4 %
omenankuori 15,0 %
maissi 10,3 %
sinimailanen kuivattu 6,0 %
sokeriruokomelassi 5,7 %
kauranlese 4,4 %
ohdakeöljy 4,0 %
sinimailasjauho 2,7 %
vehnälese 2,5 %
kalciumkarbonaatti 2,0 %
melassi 1,9 %
johanneksenleipäpuu 1,9 %
auringonkukansiemen 1,6 %
dikalciumfosfaatti 1,2 %
porkkana kuivattu 1,2 %
natriumkloriidi 0,6 %
höyrystettyjä uutteita (EMH) 0,6 %
magneciumoksidi 0,2 %
olutmäski (kuivattu) 0,1 %
oluthiiva 0,1 %
Raakavalkuainen 8,40 %
Raakarasva 7,10 %
Raakakuitu 9,70 %
Tuhka 7,40 %
Kalsium 1,30 %
Fosfori 0,45 %
Natrium 0,25 %
Magnesium 0,20 %
Ernährungsphysiologische Zusatzstoffe
A-vitamiini (3a672a) 37.000,00 I.E.
D3-vitamiini (3a671) 2.200,00 I.E.
E Vitamiini (3a700) 550,00 mg
C-vitamiini (3a312) 94,00 mg
B1-vitamiini (3a821) 10,00 mg
B6-vitamiini 9,00 mg
Biotiini (3a880) 825,00 mcg
Niasiini (B3-vitamiini 3a314) 50,00 mg
Kalsium-D-Pantotenaatti (3a841) 35,00 mg
Foolihappo (3a316) 5,50 mg
Koliinikloridi (3a890) 180,00 mg
Rauta (3b103) (Rauta (II) sulffaatti , monohydraatti) 80,00 mg
Mangaani (3b502) (mangaani(II)oksidi) 100,00 mg
Sinkkioksidi (3b603) 150,00 mg
Kupari (E 4) (kupari(II)sulfaatti. pentahydraatti) 25,00 mg
Seleeni (E 8) (natriumseleeni) 0,50 mg
Jodi (kalsiumjodi, vedetön) (3b202) 2,40 mg
Päällystetty koboltti(II)karbonaatti-rae (3b304) 0,30 mg
B2-vitamiini 10,00 mg
Zootechnische Zusatzstoffe
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1026 (Yea-Sacc) (CBS493.94) 9,80x108 KBE 2,00x10(9) KBE
Technologische Zusatzstoffe
Piimaa (E 551c) 500,00 mg