Körnerpick Grain Feed Basic
Grain Feed
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Complementary feed for poultry

Tasty basic feed, GMO-free · suitable for many poultry species, such as chicken, geese and ducks

Our Grain Feed Basic is made of the best regional ingredients, is GMO-free and provides a palatable basic feed for your chicken. Because of the particularly gentle processing methods that are used, the grains are left whole. This gives the feed its coarse texture, which is ideal for satisfying your chickens’ natural pecking instinct. Our Grain Feed Basic can be combined with the Flour Mix Oregano and is also suitable for feeding poultry such as geese and ducks.

The benefits at a glance:

  • GMO-free chicken feed
  • particularly tast
  • large grains to satisfy the natural urge to pec
  • also suitable for poultry such as geese & ducks

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