Mineral Feed for horses and ponies

The tasty supply of minerals for free intake - so that horses can take what they need

  • weatherproof
  • for any horses kept in groups
  • for year-round supply of minerals
  • for pasture, active stable and open stable systems
  • compensates for sodium deficits in conventional feed
  • independent intake in addition to forage based diets

Minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and sodium as well as trace elements such as zinc, copper and selenium are important nutrients for bone stability and for maintaining various processes like metabolism and immune system. Since the nutrient content in hay or grass fluctuates greatly and forage only diets can not cover the daily demand of trace elements, a supply gap quickly arises here.

Irrespective of the type of husbandry, age or performance requirements, the year-round supply of minerals in addition to roughage forms the basis of daily horse feeding.

Eggersmann Mineral Lick is specially designed for horses and ponies kept in groups or when daily manger feeding is not possible. The minerals it contins ensure to cover the maintenance needs of horses and ponies. The moderate molasses content makes our Mineral Lick very tasty, but at the same time prevents disproportionately high intake. In this way, horses and ponies can take what they need by themselves.

natriumkloridi26,1 %
Kalsiumkarbonaatti24,7 %
Kalsium-natriumfosfaatti17,6 %
juurikasmelassi11,0 %
Monocalcium phosphate8,0 %
magnesiumoksidi6,8 %
vehnäsuurimo2,4 %
Kalsium16,00 %
Natrium11,00 %
Fosfori5,00 %
Magnesium4,00 %
Rauta (3b103) (Rauta (II) sulffaatti , monohydraatti) NA1.500 mg
Kupari (3b405) (kupari(II)sulfaatti. pentahydraatti) NA800 mg
Mangaani (3b502) (mangaani(II)oksidi) NA4.000 mg
Sinkkioksidi (3b603) NA6.000 mg
Vedetön kalsiumjodaatti (3b202) NA50 mg
Seleeni (3b801) (natriumseleeni) NA25 mg
Cobalt (3b304) (Coated cobalt (II) carbonate granules) NA10 mg

NA = Nutritional additives
ZA = Zootechnical additives
TA = Technological additives
SA = Sensory additives
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